We would like to invite you to a great culinary journey at Dwór Dwikozy restaurant


18 PLN Chicken liver with cherry, goat cheese with the aromas of ginger

27 PLN Tartare with anchois

25 PLN Fired shrimps with spicy creamed sauce


20 PLN Salad with grilled halloumi cheese, dried goose and balsamic sauce
18 PLN Crispy mix of lettuce with mango, grilled chicken and becon and cheese chips with mustard dressing


12 PLN Polish sour barley soup served with egg and sausage

12 PLN Creamy pumpkin soup with coconut milk, chili and ginger served with root vegetables chips

12 PLN Beetroot borsh with meat dumplings

Main courses

16 PLN Foie gras dumplings with apple-sea buckthorn sauce

22 PLN Potatoe pancake with pork goulash and beetroots

22 PLN Duck breast with cherry and apple sauce

25 PLN Backed chicken fillet served with potato puree and cabbage pak choi with cream mustard sauce

26 PLN Beef cheeks in wheat beer with the aroma of cardamon  served on parsnip puree and navy bean

34 PLN Braised wild boar ham with rosemary served with buckwheat groats and mushrooms

39 PLN Confit goose leg served with sheep milk cheese dumplings, red cabbage and mushrooms sauce

60 PLN Rib-eye steak

Fish and pasta

14 PLN Spaghetti with olive oil fried aubergine, mozzarella cheese in tomato sauce

17 PLN Conchiglioni with cream and chicken and broccoli

29 PLN Salmon fillet with spinach crocus sauce


 6 PLN Bean cake with cherry filling

12 PLN Apple pie served with crème anglaise

14 PLN Chocolate souffle with raspberry sauce and crème anglaise

12 PLN Almond mousse


12 PLN Blueberry tart with mascarpone crème

15 PLN Ice cream in coconut shell

14 PLN Hot fruit served with crumble and vanilla ice cream

14 PLN Ice cream and friut cup

14 PLN Delicacy ice cream cup

11 PLN Clown or Little bee - Scoop of ice cream served with whipped cream, biscuits and colourful lollies

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